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Yep this user is taking requests LOUISalem right now and they're free! Here's what you need to do in his journal right here.

Request Open !!Happy Valentine's Day! ♥
i'll random only 5 people
from now until the 20/2/17 GMP +7
2. Write a new journal about this and include a Mention of this account so that we receive a notification of your journal
'Look! LOUISalem is doing free requests!'
Something like
3. Leave your ref sheet here
4. I need to know what style you want me to draw
5. I will pick what i want to draw
i can draw everything easy to nsfw XD
so let comment
let see!!
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone, I'm new to DeviantArt, and I'm planning to do on here is to do artwork of course and have fun while I'm on here. Now, what am I into as some of you may be wondering? Well, I like to draw anything really, including animals, cartoons and cartoon bondage, but only human characters, and film animation usually Disney and DreamWorks. Oh yeah, and sorry, but I do not do requests. Why? Because I like to do other things in my spare time and I can be quite lazy with my paint artwork at times and I'm also not good at drawing certain things which is why (in my opinion) I won't be the kind of guy you'll probably need for the job, sorry about that. Well, that's everything I've said now and I hope you all enjoy my artwork! :D


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bahner Featured By Owner 4 hours ago
❤ Give this heart to everyone you don't want to lose in "2017" including me if you care. Try to collect 12 it's not easy! Be honest and send this to anyone who made u smile this year💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟💫❤💥🌟 💫💌

assincr0n0 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
Thank You
Captain-Art-hero Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
You're welcome. :)
Disneycow82 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for being a good friend. I need to learn to be more thankful, I know it. Also thanks for letting me stick up for you against the worst simple minded ignorant trolls out there that attacked us. No matter what ignorance and stupidity they throw against someone they don't know anything about, they'll never get anywhere in life. Maybe I should send you a private message later.
Captain-Art-hero Featured By Owner 23 hours ago
You're very welcome Jovi. Also thanks for being such a good friend to me in the worst of times with all those trolls out there. And you're right about something, if they keep throwing ignorance and stupidity at other people who are good on here, they'll never get anywhere in life. What do you want to talk to me about in private messaging?
Disneycow82 Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
I don't want to burden you with anything that might sound not so important or would want you thinking that I only do such things to make myself look good when someone tells me I'm such a selfish human being for speaking my mind or trying hard to stand up for myself or my close friends, which isn't always so easy; especially if those idiots call you a selfish human being for doing nothing more than telling them how wrong they are and how they don't know anything about you or me to decide who and what we are. I guess you can say this had something to do with a hard-to-watch scene from an anime that was made realistic enough to remind viewers that such things like terrible bullying, cruelty, animal cruelty, and killings are real, even if the characters in the anime are not. So who's to say we're only allowed to feel one certain way or another. Anyways, when I'm ready, I'll tell you in email. Because there are times when I fear that I'm nothing more than selfish and cowardly, and this is the first time someone tells me that.
Captain-Art-hero Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
Those idiots who call you a selfish human are to me even more selfish and cowardly for not letting  you decide who and what we are. Let me know when you're ready to talk to me in private messaging.
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Holophite Featured By Owner 2 days ago   General Artist
Thankyou for checking out my fish!
Captain-Art-hero Featured By Owner 1 day ago
You're welcome. :)
Danology Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant
Thank you for the fav! :happybounce: 
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